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Book your personal natal astrology chart reading with Ellen Nguyen, the founder and creator of United Other . Ellen has an incredible story behind her hand-crafted, Tibetan style incense that enable people to create rituals for themselves to call in what they need and release what they don’t.

Her natal astrology chart readings are an extension of her continued and deeply valued work to help clients unlock clues that the universe is guiding individuals towards. The chart reading helps you to understand who you are, your tendencies and strengths. Ellen is there to put together what sometimes may seem like a puzzle of information. She clarifies what the planets in your chart and positions mean so you can get a practical and spiritual sense of who you are in this lifetime to enable your life’s work.

I learned about the Chiron, and hence named the gallery and healing space, Chiron House, shortly after my Natal Astrology Workshop with Ellen. There, she unpacked everything from our 12th house in Jupiter to what our ascending sign tendencies are. It’s a dense amount of “information” that can be confusing on several sheets of paper, an app, or in a one day class. So, we decided that a one-on-one, supported chart reading is a more intimate way to truly navigate all this data, with her as your visionary, heart-led guide to receive a clearer picture of who you are.

Seats are limited so sign up in advance.

$44 - 30 minute reading

$88 - one full hour reading

$111 - 90 minutes extensive deep dive


United Other ritual kits will be available at the gallery